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Transliteration from Ukrainian to English

This web-site supports transliteration directly from Ukrainian to English.

The transliteration system (table) adopted by is intended as an aid for current and further translations on It is our intention to update previous translations. 

We have attempted to simplify the transliteration system so the transliteration into English is recognizable without resorting to transliteration rules such as differentiating between “in the beginning of words” or “in other positions”, and to make it recognizable in reverse transliteration from English to Ukrainian. 

Many letters transliterate without much difficulty (for example А, К, О, С, Б) while a number do not (for example И, Ї, Й, Є, Я, Ю).


In the spelling of a person’s name as used by the person, for example: Stephaniuk rather than Stefanyuk.

Accepted translations such as Ukraine for Ukrayina (Україна).

There may also be a widely used transliteration that does not fit the system adopted here such as for the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv rather than Kyjv.

US Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System

The US Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System is adopted except for the letter Й which is transliterated as the English letter J which follows the international system. The pronunciation is similar to the J in hallelujah (halleluiah – hallelu + yah). This removes confusion between И transliterated as Y and Й also transliterated as Y under the US Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System. 

Reference to Ukraine does not and should not include the article "the". 

The "h" sound is translated as "h" (not "g") as in Hrushevskoho (street). The Ukrainian alphabet has a “g” sounding letter in the letter “ Ґ “ as in the examples Ґанок, Ґвінти, Ґедзь, Ґонта, Ґрати, Ґрунт, Ґудзик and Ґуля. 


US Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System 

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