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Ukrainian State Center for testing and prognosing
of equipment and technologies for agricultural production

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Dear friends!

     1998 completes 50 years since the founding of UkrCTT and 100 years since the beginning of a system of machine testing.
     I sincerely greet with this anniversary all who are involved in developing new equipment and in the scientific and practical applications used in testing and prognosis of equipment and technology for use in agriculture.
     I wish to all good health and creative achievements in dedication to the rebuilding and prosperity of agricultural production for the Ukrainian nation.

Director UkrCTT
academician UAAS, RAAS and AESU

L. V. Pohorily

UAAS - Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences
RAAS - Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
AESU - Acedemy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine

Українська Версія  |  Main  |  Introduction  |  Director  |  Map

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