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Ukrainian State Center for testing and prognosing
of equipment and technologies for agricultural production


UkrCTT operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Ag-Industrial Complex of Ukraine. It is the main testing organization for independent Ukraine for the ag-industrial complex. The main focus of scientific and technical activities of the Center is to carry out determinative, periodic, comparative, certification and other aspects of machinery testing; to participate in carrying out «Machine Systems for Ukraine» projects; forecast the development of resources in mechanization, electrification and automation processes used in agricultural production; develop methods for testing machinery and the bases for appropriate standards; adapt and promote favourable engineering and technology to circumstances in the ag-industrial complex of Ukraine.

UKRCTT Structure

  • Ukrainian Research Institute for Prognosing and Testing of Equipment and Technologies for Agricultural Production (UKRRIPTE)
  • Production and Technical Base «Doslidnyts’ke» (experimental farm)
  • Machine and Technological Station for High Energy Use Equipment «Doslidnyts’ke»
    (Machine and Technological Energy Saturated Station «Doslidnyts’ke», MTESS)
  • Certification Agency «YkrCEPROsil’mash»

UKRRIPTE Structure

The UKRRIPTE structure consists of three departments:

  • Plant-growing;
  • Animal Husbandry;
  • Machinery System Evaluation

Amalgamated within the departments are smaller sections and laboratories with different scientifc research and testing objectives.

The Scientific and Production Association (SPA) 
consists of the following:

  • UkrCTT with the productuion and Technical Base «Doslidnyts’ke»
  • L’viv machinery testing station and research farm
  • Southern Ukraine machinery testing stations and experimental farms
  • Myrhorod machinery testing station
  • Kharkiv machinery testing station

The experimental farms have a total area of 3155 ha.

Annual Volume of Work Performed by the SPA

  • Machinery testing - 400 to 500 named projects
  • Scientific and research work - 60 to 70 named projects
  • Implementation of results into areas of production - 40 to 50 named projects
  • Registration of copyright and patents - 5 to 15 named projects
  • Publication of scientific/research results including in foreign publications - 140 to 170 named projects
  • Developing systems for devices/apparatus for testing machinery - approximately 300 named projects

UKRCTT’s Information Base

  • Scientific and technical library - 10,000 titles
  • Periodicals - 78 published reports annually
  • Archive of technical documentation on agricultural equipment - 10,000 copies
  • Archive of technical protocols for testing of agricultural equipment - 1,300 copies
  • Archive of scientific reports - 2,000 copies
  • Patent documentation - 200,000 items
  • Archive of equipment which was tested - 2,900 copies

Data Bases

  • Initial Requisition and Technical Tasks for agricultural machinery projects - almost 4,500 copies
  • Specifications for machinery manufacturing
  • Technical Standards on methods for testing machinery - 17,000 copies

UkrCTT Invites You To Joint Effort

UkrCTT is able to:

  • Test and adapt to production new technical project solutions in plant growing and animal husbandry
  • To recommend into production new agricultural machinery, technology, means of mechanization and electrification
  • To bring into production milking platforms and modular milking blocs
  • To certify your machinery, to provide objective recomendations as to your machinery and to assist its introduction to Ukrainian farms
  • To carry out joint scientific and research work
  • To provide for publicity and research on your machinery to Ukrainian technical specialists
  • To organize a video as to the capabilities of your equipment in working conditions
  • To provide for a technical presentation of your studies
  • To establish joint ventures with the goal of realizing on your work

We are inviting you to work with us

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