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Available web-sites and e-mail addresses of UAAS research institutions 

I. Department of Land Cultivation and Agroecology

1. Institute of Agriculture

2. Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry 

3. Institute of Hydraulic-engineering and Land Reclamation

4. Zakarpatya Institute of Agricultural Production

5. Institute of Agroecology and Biotechnology

6. Askania-Nova State Biosphere Reserve

7. Institute of Animal Breeding in Steppe Zone "Askania-Nova"

II. Department of Plant Growing and Products Processing

1. Nikitsky State Botanical Garden

2. Institute of Viticulture and Wine-Making

3. Institute of Grapes and Wine “Magarach”

4. Institute of Bast Crops 

5. Institute of Plant Protection

6. Institute of Plant Production

7. National Centre of Plant Genetic Resources

8. Institute of Forage

9. Institute of Horticulture

10. Institute of Cereals

11. Institute of Essential Oil and Medical Plants

12. Institute of Oilseed Crops

13. Institute of Sugar Beets

14. Institute of Potato

III. Department of Stock-Breeding, Veterinary Science and Products Processing

1. Institute of Animal Breeding in Steppe Regions “Askania-Nova”

2. Institute of Fisheries

3. Institute of Epizootology

4. Institute of Agriculture and Animal Biology

5. Institute of Animal Science

6. Institute of Poultry

7. Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine

8. Technological Institute of Milk and Meat

IV. Department of Mechanisation and Electrification

1. Research & technical Centre “Biotechnics”

V. Department of Agrarian Economy

1. Institute of Agrarian Economy

2. Institute of Land Management

Other Institutions

Presidium UAAS

Central Scientific Agricultural Library

Poltava Experimental Station

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