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Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences


The Phytocentre is the scientific and experimental base of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is located directly on the seashore in a picturesque corner of the southern coast of Crimea, near Yalta. The extraordinary beauty of the surrounding landscape is best displayed in the magnificent Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are set in the forest reserve of Cape Msrtyan, filled with the aromas of conifers and the sounds of cicadas.

While each season brings its own magic to the area, the mild Mediterranean climate makes it attractive to visit at any time of the year. In winter, there are shades of saturated green colours mixed with a dusting of flowers, followed in spring by cascades of flowers displaying the widest variety of colours. Summer brings a pleasant combination of warm seawater and cool tree shade. Crowning the year is autumn with gold chrysanthemums and subtropical fruits.

The Phytocentre is a modern building, which is ideal for holding meetings and symposia. It has a conference room with the capacity for up to 60 people, furnished with modern presentation and projection equipment (with an electrical connection of 220 volts). The building is situated inside the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens on a rocky slope overlooking the sea. Attractively landscaped with walks and terraces, the setting offers excellent opportunities for meeting participants to relax during breaks and at the end of the day. The building has eight comfortable hotel rooms, six suites, a bar and dining room, exercise and recreation facilities, and large hallways for holding exhibitions.

The Phytocentre also functions as a unique health resort benefiting from research and consultation by leading scientists at the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. It offers the most up to date methods of climate therapy, supplemented by extracts from herbs, plants and exotic fruits grown in this ecologically pure environment. An assortment of choice Crimean wines is also available here, including original balms  (herbal drinks) such as Black Coral and The Crimean, prepared according to the Botanical Gardens recipes. Health therapy is carried out in the form of individualized programs, using such methods as inhalation, massage, and stimulation of biologically active points.

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