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OCIA Canada
A Division of OCIA International, Inc.
Organic Crop Improvement Association
Box 3429, 637 6th St, Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0 Canada
Phone: (306) 682-3126 * Fax: (306) 682-3127
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As providers and consumers of certified organic production, we are committed to environmentally sound stewardship.

To accomplish this mission and foster confidence in OCIA’s certifications, OCIA lists the following purposes in Article 1 of its Bylaws, effective February, 2004:

  • To provide organic crop improvement through professional development of organic farmers and processors, including technical assistance, education information, publications, and research.
  • To establish and maintain a farmer-owned and farmer-controlled organization providing impartial third-party certification as a prerequisite for certification licensing of organic food at all stages of production, processing and distribution.
  • To guarantee the neutrality and integrity of an OCIA-certified organic certification mark.
  • To establish uniform standards and bylaws, which govern production, processing, manufacturing, and practices for trade, and which define the identity and quality of organic foods.
  • To clarify and promote the image of organic products with the OCIA-certified organic mark.


OCIA will meet or exceed its members’ expectations. OCIA will do what it says it will. OCIA will understand its members’ needs and specific requirements.

OCIA quality objectives include:

  • Obtain and develop human resources to meet current and future needs;
  • Ensure that member and OCIA understanding of expectations are the same;
  • Use quality system for continuous improvement in everything OCIA does;
  • Identify critical measurement areas and define performance standards.
  • To develop such programs and projects and to provide such benefits to members as the membership desires.
  • To do such lawful acts and things necessary and proper to promote the general welfare of organic farmers, organic agriculture, and the organic foods industry.
  • To support crop improvement, certification, and marketing with farmers and growers in such a manner that their self-sufficiency is not destroyed in order to fulfill the needs of the global organic market.


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