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ISSUE #5 SEPTEMBER 2004, ISSN 1710-7474

This  e-newsletter is being published on  in support of the objectives of its Statement of Purpose ( ),  to raise awareness of agricultural and farm/rural issues in Ukraine, and to provide a forum for practical information on a variety of topics such as farm, crop and livestock management, marketing, farm equipment, farm buildings, and resource information. This e-newsletter also provides a means for advertising and promotion directed at those involved in agriculture and agri-industry with a focus on Ukraine. 

Contributors are invited to submit articles (in English and/or Ukrainian), including pictures, to be considered for publication.  The contributor will be acknowledged in the article and the article will be subject to the legal and privacy policy of


Canada and Ukraine have much in common.  Each shares a long unprotected border with a powerful neighbour, a neighbour that can be or at least appear to be at times overpowering.   Canada and Ukraine are founding members of the United Nations and both are active in various peace keeping duties.   Neither country has territorial ambitions and are not aggressors.

However, Canada’s historic experience with her powerful neighbour suggests Canada is less likely to be physically overtaken while Ukraine’s experience suggests this to be an ever present concern.  Each country shares concerns as to economic and cultural domination by their respective powerful neighbour but for Ukraine such domination bears a much greater relationship to  her sovereignty.  Moreover, Canada did not suffer the ravages of two world wars or a genocide of her people like Ukraine did particularly in 1932-1933 when various estimates place the death toll at between 7 and 14 million Ukrainian peasants (men, women and children) who were liquidated for being Ukrainian, and for wanting to have a Ukrainian consciousness and identity, by an atheistic political ideology controlled by her powerful neighbour.  This is now called the Holodomor (genocide by starvation) of 1932-1933, the impact of which is still seen in the struggle Ukraine is going through, since independence in 1991, to define her national identity.

There are nevertheless similarities between Canada and Ukraine in the relationship each has and needs to forge with her respective powerful neighbour.  Each has a potential of losing sovereignty if there is too great of a focus on the singular relationship with the ever powerful and at times equally demanding neighbour without a view where each country is regionally and in the world.  The relationship will be one which will need to be open to change, and one where it is okay to disagree.  Difficult decisions will need to be made such as Canada not joining the United States in Iraq or for Ukraine to do so, however unpopular each decision was at home.  Clear and decisive decisions need to be made on global issues of which agriculture is one.  Being independent does mean making relationships with different countries for different issues and having one’s own foreign policy.

Each country needs a clear sense of her role regionally and in the world.

This editorial drew inspiration in part from a news article in the Regina Leader Post, 01-10-04, on a book by Jennifer Walsh, <At Home in the World: Canada’s Global Vision for the 21st century>. 



KYIV September 9. (Liudmyla Shershel’ - Ukrinform). UKRAINE has already issued more than 4.5 mln. state deeds for the ownership of land.  This was reported today in reply to a question from an Ukrinform correspondent in a press conference held by the Head of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources, Anatolyi Danylenko. The deeds were received, he underlined, by 66.5% of the total number of citizens who have certificates for the right to parcels of land (share). Further to his information, there is now in the works almost 1.4 mln such documents which are to be distributed by year end. "Therefore this year 90% out of the total number of citizens which have this right, will receive such state deeds".

A seeded farm field in Western Ukraine

In this regard, Anatolyi Danylenko emphasized, all expenses associated with this process were undertaken by the state.

"That is, citizens who reside in rural communities and exchange the certificate for the state deed of ownership of land, do not pay any cost for this. This concerns as well the registration of such rights". He pointed out, now in Ukraine is being created a single state system for the registration of land parcels, real property and associated rights in the composition of a state land cadastre.  The head of the State Committee on

Land Resources underlined its importance. According to Civil code, he reminded, ownership arises when it is entered into the registration system.

"That is, the state controls, investigates and upholds the owner", - emphasized Anatolyi Danylenko. 09.09.2004 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk)


Valentyna Druhak, Director, 
Land Reform Centre, Ukraine. 

Photo 26-01-01



Translation of wording on a plaque in the Land Management Institute building, UAAS, Kyiv:   

Land belongs to those who work on it and for us maintains stewardship (of the land – holds tenure of the land) Photo 26-01-01


Issue5003.jpg (124105 bytes)
Anton Tretyak, author of the publication 
Land Administration and Land Registration in Ukraine,
Kyiv 1998.  Anton is with the Land Management Institute, UAAS, Kyiv. Photo 26-01-01

Anton Tretyak is also the author of 
ЗЕМЕЛЬНИЙ КАДАСТР XXI СТОЛІТТЯ, Зарубіжні і вітчизняні погляди на розвиток земельного кадастру Київ 1999 (Land Cadastre of  the XXI Century. Perspectives of the land cadastre development from the point of view of foreign and Ukrainian specialists. Kyiv 1999) 


Issue5007a.jpg (126643 bytes)


Пропозиція з реалізації амаранту.

Пропонується для продажу 100 тонн амаранту, з них 30 тонн фасований у мішках
у Веселинівському районі, Миколаївської області, Україна
Наявні відповідні документи.
Контактний телефон:  (05163) 917-65. Володимир.


Offer of sale of amaranth

Offered for sale is 100 tonne of amaranth, of which 30 tonne is bagged
Location:  Veselynivs’kyi Region, Mykolayivs’ka oblast, Ukraine
Documents are available
Phone  Volodymyr at (05163) 917-65

Or for more information contact Mykhaylo Kapshtyk, Programme Development Expert, Training & Coordination Centre Suvorova Street 9 office110 Kyiv 01010 Ukraine Tel/Fax 38 044 451 44 56 E-mail:    Ad # AAIU 2004-09-01



“Ukraine -  Poultry and Products Annual (2004)” August 2004 (7 pgs.)

Ukraine’s production of poultry products in 2005 will increase considerably, but the local industry will not be able to meet domestic demand, which continues to increase. Demand for poultry imports will persist due to high red meat prices and falling production of livestock products. Exporters of frozen poultry are poised to regain Ukrainian market share because human consumption continues to increase and industrial processors source product. Imports are facing competition from the European Union and Brazil. Price is often the determining factor.




ODESA  September 24. /Hanna Kerpel’ - Ukrinform/. A correspondent for Ukrinform writes the Kulyndorivs’kyi Integrated Plant for Bread Products is buying and paying higher than market prices for grain. As indicated today by the director of the enterprise, which manages Derzhkomrezervu (National government reserve), Volodymyr Bereznyak, 3rd class wheat from this year’s crop is being purchased for 800 hryvni (plural hryvni, singular hryvnya) per tonne where the market price is nearly 750 hryvni per tonne; 4 class grain is being purchased for 700 hryvni per tonne. Concurrently the enterprise is intervening as to flour from grain of the previous year - Canadian, German, French – at 1,050 hryvni per tonne (at its cost of 1350 hryvni per tonne).

These measures are relied on, on the one hand, to give opportunity for agricultural producers, and on the other hand - not to allow an increase in the cost of flour. The new level of reserves of 1.5 million tonnes of grain, which Derzhkomrezerv intends to establish, does not worry Bereznyak; in his words, "the grain there is, there is sufficient grain".  24.09.2004 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk)



KYIV September 30. /Viktor Chukhlib - Ukrinform/. On account of the displacement of cold arctic air a quick cooling off is expected in Ukraine in the next days, a correspondent from Ukrinform was informed at the Ukrainian Metrological Centre.

The following Sunday in Chernihivs’ka and Sums’ka oblasts, and 4-5 October - in the majority of oblasts of Ukraine, excluding Zakarpattya and southern Krym, air temperature will decline at night to 1-8 degrees above zero, and for the 5th of October in northern, central and eastern oblasts – slight frost with air temperature of 0-5 degrees. Day air temperature to be 7-13 degrees above zero. For October 6-7 cold weather in Ukraine will prevail.   30.09.2004 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk)

For regional maps go to 




KYIV, September 28. (Ukrinform). The forecast of the total grain harvest in Ukraine for 2004 has been increased to 36.4 million tonne by specialists in the company UkrАhroConsult. The export of grain for the 2004/05 season, in light of this increase, has been re-adjusted to 7.7 million tonne. A month earlier UkrАhroConsult had forecast the harvest of grain at 35.7 million tonne with exports at 6.95 million tonne. This increase in the forecast is due to higher yields for barley than what was earlier calculated by the specialists, to stand at 10.6 million tonne.

UkrАhroConsult also increased the forecast of Ukrainian export of barley to 3.3 million tonne from the 2.8 million earlier expected, and also of wheat - to 3 million tonne compared to the preliminary forecast of 2.6 million.

story005a.jpg (514269 bytes)
A winter scene in Ukraine, 
late January – early February 2001

Included in the earlier figures, the total export from Ukraine in July-August 2004 stood at nearly a million tonne of grain. Ukraine delivered nearly 500 thousand tonne of barley to Saudi Arabia, and also 100 thousand tonne to Israel, Syria, Libya and Jordan. яв/мт 28.09.2004 14: 08 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk)

Russia to harvest 76 million tons 

Russian Agricultural Minister, Aleksei Gordeev, told President Putin on 4 October that the country will harvest 76 million tons of grain this year, an increase of 14 percent over last year, ITAR-TASS reported. "We will fully meet Russia's grain needs," Gordeev said. RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 8, No. 189, Part I, 5 October 2004 Copyright (c) 2004. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036. 


Traditional Ukrainian Crafts and Souvenirs (more with the November issue)

Ukraine and Ukrainians are renown worldwide for high quality crafts and souvenirs in wood, weaving, embroidery, leather and crystal.


Examples in wood are the riz’ba or carvings, khresty (crosses), decorative plates, musical instruments such as the bandura, tsymbala, and sopilka, music boxes and shkatulka.

riz'ba1.jpg (533421 bytes) examples of carvings riz'ba9.jpg (492181 bytes)
riz'ba42.jpg (298778 bytes) riz'ba5a.jpg (364097 bytes) riz'ba44.jpg (390781 bytes)

riz'ba11a.jpg (302092 bytes)
a decorative pipe

riz'ba30.jpg (305517 bytes) wooden doll riz'ba31.jpg (140426 bytes)

Issue50010.jpg (203382 bytes)
Issue50012.jpg (101816 bytes)

Religious articles such as two different styles of wooded crosses
and plates

riz'ba26a.jpg (500046 bytes)
riz'ba26c.jpg (347387 bytes)

riz'ba41.jpg (181653 bytes)
riz'ba40.jpg (166452 bytes)
riz'ba25.jpg (179906 bytes)
27-09-04-8a.jpg (189808 bytes)

riz'ba38a.jpg (66253 bytes)

kitchen items

riz'ba27.jpg (89901 bytes)

riz'ba17a.jpg (97648 bytes)

riz'ba23.jpg (90066 bytes)

riz'ba21.jpg (63491 bytes)

different size and shape decorative boxes, shkatulky 
(singular shkatulka, plural shkatulky) including a melody box 

riz'ba39a.jpg (110666 bytes) riz'ba15a.jpg (129176 bytes) riz'ba24.jpg (96603 bytes)
riz'ba18.jpg (101831 bytes)
riz'ba22.jpg (71590 bytes) riz'ba29.jpg (89323 bytes)


Examples in weaving and embroidery are blouses, shirts, dresses, rushnyky, 
and table cloths.

riz'ba36.jpg (216682 bytes)
   ladies dress material
riz'ba37.jpg (134864 bytes)
накидка на крісло 
  a covering for a chair

story007.jpg (92781 bytes)

A young Ukrainian dancer in one of many 
different Ukrainian dance costumes.

riz'ba33.jpg (116787 bytes)
Leather purses 



The crafts are both traditional and contemporary.

The crafts and souvenirs can be purchased in Ukraine from a number of sources. The major centers have souvenir shops.  There are bazaars (markets) and kiosks in many cities and towns.  You may also find someone in a village to buy from directly.  Western Ukraine is the traditional center for crafts from wood: the bazaar in Kosiv was the place to go and Kolomyja for the bandura. 

Issue5004b.jpg (60086 bytes)
Kosiv, in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, 
March 1992

Issue5002b.jpg (54301 bytes)
A blind bandurist playing the bandura, Kyiv January 22, 1992


Kyiv AgriHort 2005 – February 23 – 25, 2005

The 8th Ukraine International Agriculture, Intensive Animal Production & Processing, and Horticulture Trade Exhibition, 

PDF Brochure-INT

Czech medical trade fair

Brno, Czech Republic — November 2-5, 2004 — If you are interested in the Czech health care market, attend MEFA 2004 — that country’s largest international fair for medical technology and pharmacy. Web site: ; presents an online advertising listing service. is working to promote this listing service as an effective marketing tool to allow individuals and businesses to directly list for sale their homes, commercial real estate, cottages, farms, vehicles, boats, machinery, construction equipment, farm equipment, grain, livestock and other items of higher value.  Visit for further information.
Ad # AAIU 2004-09-02


Prayer for Christian Families – By Metropolitan Andrey Sheptyts’kyi (29-07-1865 to 01-11-1944)

Great God, God of our Fathers!  Enrich our nation with many good, holy Christian families.

Give each family a father who would serve You by courageously and openly witnessing to Your Divine Revelation.  Give us fathers who would be models of Christian living for their spouse, truly care for them and provide guidance and support.

Give us mothers who would raise their children in the spirit of Christ’s Gospel, gladly help their husbands, stand by them and offer them good counsel.

Give us children who would be the joy and glory of their parents and the beauty of the nation.

From every generation of our young people, choose for Yourself worthy servants of the alter.  Give every nation good priests and dedicated people in all walks of life who would work together for the common good.

Almighty God, bless all people.  Grant them the grace to serve you faithfully so as to attain eternal reward in heaven, where to You, Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is due all honour, glory and adoration forever and ever.  Amen.

Shep003a.jpg (82643 bytes)
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptyts’kyi in his younger years (OPERA THEOLOGICAE SOCIETATIS SCIENTIFICAE UCRAINORUM – VOL. XV, Basilian Press, Toronto 1965)

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Президент України Леонід Кучма

Issue5005a.jpg (59473 bytes)

Photo taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba October 27, 1994.  Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s second President since independence in 1991 completing his second term with the Presidential elections to be held October 31, 2004 
(with a run-off set for November 21, 2004).

Constitution of Ukraine

Конституція України

Viktor Yushchenko - official website

Viktor Yushchenko, speaking to the 11th General Annual Meeting of the Association of Farmers and Landowners of Ukraine, Kyiv, January 24, 2001 at which time he was Prime Minister of Ukraine.  Victor Yushchenko is one of the two leading candidates in Ukraine’s election for President to be held October 31, 2004.  The other leading candidate is Viktor Yanukovych, currently Prime Minister of Ukraine. According to the Central Election Commission, 37.6 million voters are listed for the 31 October presidential elections. 

Sept002b.jpg (86354 bytes)

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Кредитні спілки в Україна помагають у розвитку фермерських кооперативів

Ukraine — Fragrant earth has the smell of optimism for co-op leader

Poltava Credit Union Edinstvo

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the contrasting cases of Poland and Ukraine

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International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), the apex organization of the international co-operative movement 

Canadian Co-operative Association, a national umbrella organization representing co-operatives and credit unions

World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. (WOCCU) is the world's leading advocate, platform for knowledge exchange and development agency for credit unions

The US-Ukraine Foundation

The Ukrainian National Credit Union Association at  offers IT services such as website development, data  base organization, data base management and technical  support.           Ad # AAIU 2004-09-03


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