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ISSUE #3 JULY 2004, ISSN 1710-7474


This  e-newsletter is being published on  in support of the objectives of its Statement of Purpose ( ),  to raise awareness of agricultural and farm/rural issues in Ukraine, and to provide a forum for practical information on a variety of topics such as farm, crop and livestock management, marketing, farm equipment, farm buildings, and resource information. This e-newsletter also provides a means for advertising and promotion directed at those involved in agriculture and agri-industry with a focus on Ukraine.


Contributors are invited to submit articles (in English and/or Ukrainian), including pictures, to be considered for publication.  The contributor will be acknowledged in the article and the article will be subject to the legal and privacy policy of


Ukraine has entered upon the road of market reforms which will secure economic independence and with this assistance strengthen political independence. Ukrainian territorial, political and economic wholeness should be maintained and given realization.

Farmers are an important supporting pillar of a country. Other sectors of the economy are attached to and dependent upon this supporting pillar. How goes agriculture so goes a country. This has even greater meaning for Ukraine. Ukrainian farmers are not only important for the Ukrainian economy, but also for Ukrainian sovereignty.

Congratulations to farmers of Ukraine.

The National Association of Agricultural Advisory Services of Ukraine (e-mail: ;  web-site: ) announced it is holding an extra-plenary session of its board meeting to include as well an international scientific and practical conference titled Challenges and prospects in formation and functioning of agricultural market in Ukraine. Role of agricultural extension.  The board meeting and conference are to be held September 14 – 17, 2004 in Sudak, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine.

Topics for section meetings for the international conference are:
Formation of Agricultural Product Marketing Chain from Producer to Consumer
        q Formation of Wholesaler Food Markets and Regulation of Agricultural Market
        q      Formation of System of Dissemination of Market Information among Agents of Agricultural

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT VETOES LAW PROLONGING BAN ON LAND SALES until 2007. President Kuchma has vetoed a law on prolonging the moratorium on land trading until 1 January 2007, Ukrainian news agencies reported on 8 July. Last month, the Verkhovna Rada made changes to the Land Code, prolonging the ban on the buying and selling of agricultural land for citizens and legal entities until 1 January 2007. In accordance with the current Land Code, the moratorium ends on 1 January 2005. RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 8, No. 129, Part II, 9 July 2004 Copyright (c) 2004. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036. 


KYIV, 28 July. (Oleksandr Khorol’s’kyi - Ukrinform). The harvest of food grains in Ukraine in the current year is anticipated to be 32-35 million тоnnes. Prime-minister of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, opened today’s sitting of Ukraine’s parliament with the announcement. He emphasized "the 14 million tones of grain which has been harvested to date is less than half, as approximately we plan to have this year nearly 32-35 millions тоnnes".

At the same time Viktor Yanukovych raised the issue of the quality of the grain, which, he stated, has to correspond to world standards. The Prime-minister stresses "we understand this year we will be exporting grain, and steps need to be taken so as not to repeat the situation which occurred in 2002, when grain was exported, and the village was in fact robbed". Therefore, he indicated every chairman of the oblast and regional state administrations needs to keep within personal control communications with agricultural producers, in order to have an active participation in issues of price policy. "This is the personal responsibility of every oblast and regional state administrator", - emphasized the Prime-minister. 28.07.2004 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk)


SIMFEROPOL, 28 July. (Ukrinform). Scientists from the Kryms’kyi (Crimean) Institute of Wine and Winemaking, Maharach, (Yalta) developed a new technology to produce from grapes a concentrated beverage which retains all useful characteristics and components, at the same time does not contain alcohol and sugar.

As reported by a member of the Kryms’kyi (Crimean) branch of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Viktor Zahoruyko, the concentrate produced is a powerful new generation antioxidant, which contains complex polyphenol from the grapes, Kaberne-sovin’yon, and has essential advantages over other antioxidants that exist today on the international market.

If in the liter of wine there is only one gram of essential ingredients useful for human organism, and the remaining - water, sugar, alcohol, etc., then in the new beverage there is 20 grams of essential ingredients in one liter of concentrate, - noted Viktor Zahoruyko.

In the opinion of the academy’s specialists, this new technological achievement is the most important innovative result from their efforts and has a very good outlook for the international market.

Polyphenol – an ingredient from grape seed which slows down the processes of aging, prevents heart/vascular illness, increases tone. In addition the applicability of polyphenol from grapes is included in the acceptable measures for sanatorium-health resort treatment affirmed by the Ministry of the Health Care of Ukraine. 28.07.2004 (translated by Bernard Stephaniuk; news story sourced by Mykhaylo Kapshtyk) See the links section below for other information on polyphenol.


The State Statistics Committee disclosed on 14 July that Ukraine's gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 12.7 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2004, Interfax reported. In 2003, Ukraine's GDP rose by 9.4 percent. RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 8, No. 132, Part II, 14 July 2004 Copyright (c) 2004. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036.



The State Statistics Committee made known on 13 July that as of 1 June Ukraine's population numbered 47.46 million people, 30,000 less than a month before or some 200,000 less than six months before, Interfax reported. RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 8, No. 132, Part II, 14 July 2004 Copyright (c) 2004. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036.


The State Statistics Committee made known on 15 July that the share of loss-making companies in January-May 2004 was 36.8 percent, with their losses totaling 6.6 billion hryvnyas ($1.2 billion), Interfax reported. The share of unprofitable enterprises in the same period of 2003 was 42.3 percent, and the losses amounted to $7.6 billion hryvnyas.  RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 8, No. 134, Part II, 16 July 2004 Copyright (c) 2004. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036.

“Canada – Bi-Weekly Bulletin – Profile of Canadian Wheat Industry (2004)” July 2004 (8 pgs.)

Canada is generally the largest producer of high protein milling wheat in the world, although it is only the seventh largest wheat producing country. Wheat continues to be Canada’s largest crop in terms of both area seeded and production. Not only does it support a large Canadian domestic processing industry, it is the single largest earner of export revenue of all agricultural products, with annual exports worth about $3.8 billion. This issue of the Bi-weekly Bulletin provides an overview of the Canadian wheat industry. “Wheat” refers to all types of wheat, including durum, unless otherwise specified.   AAFC


Kyiv AgriHort 2005 – February 23 – 25, 2005

The 8th Ukraine International Agriculture, Intensive Animal Production & Processing, and Horticulture Trade Exhibition,

Husker Harvest Days - September 14 – 26, 2004

Grand Island, Nebraska

SIAL 2004, Paris, France – October 17-21, 2004

SIAL, the world’s biggest gathering of food industry professionals takes place in Paris, France every second year. 

PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) Show, Chicago, Illinois – November 14-16, 2004 For more information please see the website at or email: .

Large Kazakhstan delegation  attends the Western Canada Farm Progress Show

A large delegation of 25 grain producers and leasing agency representatives from Kazakhstan attended the Western Canada Farm Progress Show (WCFPS), June 16-18, 2004 in Regina, Saskatchewan.  A Canadian Embassy representative from Kazakhstan and a World Bank – Ministry of Environmental Protection representative from Kazakhstan also attended the show.

100_0042a.jpg (129783 bytes) 100_0045b.jpg (125078 bytes)

Farmers in Kazakhstan are modernizing their equipment and grain storage facilities. The WCFPS provided an opportunity to view equipment and meet with industry representatives from Canada and other countries.

100_0052b.jpg (289983 bytes)
Sairan Bukanov from the Agrofirm Karken Ltd., Kostanai Region, Kazakhstan, looking at rolled feed samples and roller mills with Don Swanson of Apollo Machine and Products Ltd from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

One of the roller mills manufactured by Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. on display at the WCFPS.
100_0054a.jpg (322560 bytes)

100_0057.jpg (190651 bytes)

A highlight of their

attendance was the


Reception on

June 17, 2004.




100_0055.jpg (198605 bytes)  

Several members of the delegation were of Ukrainian ancestry.  There is likely much similarity in the process and changes farmers and agri-industry in both countries are going through, and a corresponding opportunity to learn from and support each other.  Other information for publication is welcomed by this e-newsletter.
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International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC at the UCCI) is an independent permanent arbitration institution (third-party tribunal) which activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine On International Commercial Arbitration of 24 February, 1994 and the Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the UCCI photo’s of Ukraine (and a few photo’s of Hyde park area in London, England) 

UN News Center 

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Strasbourg, France -based 
European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe) 

Byzantine-Ukrainian Redemptorists of the Yorkton Province 
Redemptorist Martyrs 

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church 

Christian Churches of Ukraine Issue Address on Respect for Human Life;803/;785/ 


National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy  

The Canadian Trade  Commissioner Service 


Canada Grains Council 


Young Entrepreneurs Association (Canada)  

Belarusian Legislature website 



Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Organization 

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova,
Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine in one organization 


Black Sea Business Information Network  





Canadian crop weights bushels per metric tonne
Crop Bushels/Tonne Pounds/Bushel
Wheat 36.7437 60
Soybeans 36.7437 60
Peas 36.7437 60
Rye 39.3682 56
Flaxseed 39.3682 56
Corn 39.3682 56
Sorghum 39.3682 56
Rapeseed 44.0924 50
Mustard Seed 44.0924 50
Barley 45.9296 48
Buckwheat 45.9296 48
Rice 48.9912 45
Oats 64.8418 34
Sunflower 73.4873 30
2,204.62 lbs. = 1 tonne
jul001a.jpg (258004 bytes) jul002a.jpg (281771 bytes)

 Nosivs’ka Selection and Research Station, Nosivka, Chernihivs’ka Oblast. circa 1994

  • Offers a complete line of portable and permanently mounted lighting.
  • The portability of a Magna-Lite saves farmers from wiring every piece of machinery that is transported at night and gives truckers added protection.
  • Manufacturer of custom-made wire harness and lamps for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry of farm implements.
  • Box 1647
    Altona MB R0G 0B0
    Phone (204) 324-9506
    Fax: (204) 324-9507
  • Quote Ad # AAIU 2004-07-02

004.jpg (437017 bytes)

A  young Canadian 19 year old horse trainer of Ukrainian origin training a three year old gelding.  She ground drives all her horses first in a round pen where she also does other training exercises.
005.jpg (332543 bytes) 006.jpg (299412 bytes)
These pictures are of the same horse but here she is getting the horse used to her body weight for first time.
007.jpg (182372 bytes) 008.jpg (154614 bytes)
In the last two pictures, she is actually getting the first ride on the horse.  Her mother calls her a "horse whisperer" (a person with a special connection with horses).  She trains horses for others to earn money to pay her way through university. She wants to be a veterinarian.
002.jpg (157097 bytes) 003.jpg (278431 bytes) at  offers IT services such as website development, data  base organization, data base management and technical  support. 
Ad # AAIU 2004-07-03

It seems as if farmers instinctively know how to produce
– to grow their crops and raise their livestock. The know how is passed on from generation to generation, through experimentation and research or by training and education.  Farmers are hungry for knowledge sought through reading, attending seminars, taking extension courses in management or practical courses such as welding and repair, artificial insemination of animals and so on.  
lot001a.jpg (29579 bytes) Farmers are also eager to send their sons and daughters to agricultural universities and technical schools.  However, farmers are so good in producing that often imbalances arise in supply which is also often exasperated by government policies, corporate market control or market uncertainties. lot002a.jpg (236841 bytes)

lot004a.jpg (247310 bytes)

lot003a.jpg (283631 bytes)

lot024a.jpg (170676 bytes) Farmers can and have worked together to exercise some market influence and have combined their efforts with local business owners.  The Wynyard Feedlot Ltd. was such an undertaking.  The Wynyard Feedlot Ltd. was organized in 1970 as a result of depressed grain prices and an oversupply of grain.  Farmers wanted to be able to market their grain and also receive proper value for it.  It was decided to build a feedlot so grain grown in the area could be marketed through the feeding of cattle

lot019a.jpg (160853 bytes)

lot009a.jpg (219132 bytes) Area farmers and business owners set up the business as a limited corporation.  Shares were sold to raise money for the cost of construction.  A bank line of credit provided the operating money required.  It was secured by the assets of the corporation and by guarantees provided by shareholders.  Shareholders elected a board of directors to oversee the construction and operation of the feedlot.  A manager and workers were hired for both the construction and later operation of the feedlot.                 
lot014a.jpg (190425 bytes)

lot015b.jpg (191210 bytes) 
lot020a.jpg (198284 bytes)

The feedlot provided shareholders with a market for their feed grains and feeder cattle. The feedlot would buy the feeder cattle and feed the cattle to market weight as its own. The feedlot would also feed animals farmers and business people owned or bought and placed into the feedlot, and be paid by the owners on a per pound gain basis.  This was and is known as custom feeding.  The feedlot had a capacity to feed 2,000 head at one time.
The Wynyard Feedlot Ltd. was located along a major highway east of Wynyard, Saskatchewan.  Its shareholders were mainly from the neighbouring communities of Dafoe, Mozart, Wishart, Elfros and Foam Lake, a mixed grain and livestock farming region.

lot023a.jpg (154702 bytes)

lot025a.jpg (235050 bytes)

lot022a.jpg (94680 bytes)

lot026a.jpg (92218 bytes) 
lot005a.jpg (188692 bytes)
A challenge the feedlot faced early in its operations was the intervention of the Federal Canadian government in 1971 with a one year program through which farmers were paid not to seed wheat and barley but to summer fallow their fields.  This program was know as the LIFT or Lower Inventories For Tomorrow Program.  The Federal Government used airplanes to take infrared pictures of fields in Western Canada to verify the summer fallow acreages claimed by farmers in their application for payment under the program.  This was a program that was not eagerly received by farmers.  A cartoon in newspapers at the time showed a Canadian air force pilot being ordered to reveal only his name, rank and serial number if he was shot down (by farmers).   It was not long before one of the reasons the feedlot was built, an oversupply of grain, was no longer present, and the cost to the feedlot for feed increased.
  Another challenge the feedlot faced was extraordinary high interest rates on its line of credit in 1980 and 1981.  Interest rates reached 22 percent and became the most costly expense item ahead of even labour and feed grain.  The shareholders were called on the guarantee to the bank, which was paid, the assets of the feedlot sold and the business closed down. 

lot013a.jpg (263844 bytes) lot018a.jpg (126067 bytes) 
lot016a.jpg (106789 bytes) 

The pictures show the feedlot in operation in about 1979, including facilities, on-site manager’s residence and the technology of the time.


(Bernard Stephaniuk – was a member of the board of directors and a shareholder of the feedlot)

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